The Journey...

Rev. Rickey Nelson Jones was raised in New Orleans, LA, in a poor neighborhood.  When he watched Perry Mason on television, he instantly developed a "thirst" for pursuing justice for hurt and exploited people.   After their father’s demise, he and his three siblings were raised by their Mother, a deeply devoted Christian.  From his youth, he served in many roles at church and in college until he departed New Orleans to attend law school in Washington, D.C.   At Howard University School of Law, he served as Vice President of his class and graduated in the top half of the class.

He worked for the federal government and a law firm. Finding confinement to certain areas of the law unfulfilling, he opened a diverse, multi-state, law office. There, he represents people and businesses in state courts and federal court, doing civil, criminal, administrative, and appellate law.

Rev. Jones has served as a panelist at CLE (Continuing Legal Education) Classes at bar conferences and even organized a CLE Class for a bar conference.   

Rev. Jones has written several legal articles which have been published nationwide.  He is a Life Member of the National Bar Association, and remains active there.

He has served as corporate counsel for several corporations and a partnership. Today, he continues to represent men, women, children, and businesses, pursuing what is right and just ~~ passionately!

Rev. Jones has lived in Maryland for thirty-three  years and has been a resident of Anne Arundel County for nearly two decades. He is a life-long Democrat. He is also a licensed, ordained, minister with a “heart” for all people.  He has also written two books on the Bible.

Rev. Jones married the woman he prayed for in 1986. His wife worked with the Federal Government for over 37 years in the field of public health.  They have a 27 year old son who attended all AAC public schools, graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, and works in his field of study (Animal Science); he has also authored  papers/articles published in professional scientific journals.

Candidate Interview with The Arundel Patriot

This year's vote is crucial in light of the state of our country.   The callousness towards immigrants, the racial tension, the attack on healthcare, and the questions surrounding the integrity of our leaders, "scream" for more compassionate, considerate, leadership.   Rev. Jones' life's work has been love and concern for others.   Hence, there is no doubt about what kind of Judge he would be, namely, one in which people are guaranteed just, right, and fair adjudication of their affairs.   

When the court serves a diverse population, diversity on that court is both needed and reasonable.   Officials serve "at the will" of the people being served, and the court is no exception.   Since Anne Arundel  County is diverse, a non-diverse judiciary in the county is non-responsive to its people.   A Rev. Jones' Judgeship not only "points" the county in the direction of being more responsive to the community, but he brings qualities to the bench that are nonexistent, namely, diverse, multi-state, legal experience and scholarship, coupled with years of demonstrated love for all people throughout his life and ministry!